GM Certified Collision Repairer

Don’t risk the repair of your Holden or HSV to a general repair shop. B&A has the experience and the skill to carry out such important repairs to the highest standard. We are a GM Certified Repairer. To schedule an appointment, contact us today.


As a GM Certified Collision Repair, B&A is required to adhere to very exacting standards of surface preparation, paint application and finish. In colour matching your original Holden, HSV and Chevrolet paint work, we apply the techniques and training provided by Holden, HSV and Chevrolet to achieve the standard of finish specified and approved by the manufacturer.

When you bring your Holden, HSV and Chevrolet into B&A for body repairs and refinishing, your vehicle’s look, performance and safety will be restored to pre-accident condition and most importantly, evidence of the damage and subsequent repair will be undetectable.


B&A Motor Body Repairs is a GM Certified Collision Repair. So, what does this mean to you? Holden, HSV and Chevrolet manufacturing is at the forefront of automotive design and technology and the company continues to invest heavily in Research & Development.

This commitment to cutting-edge new advances extends to Holden, HSV and Chevrolet service and repair providers such as B&A. Our ongoing specialised training and investment in advanced new equipment means Holden, HSV and Chevrolet standards of excellence are also available from our business as a GM Certified Collision Repair.

Genuine Parts

Every component of your Holden, HSV and Chevrolet forms part of a complex mechanical and electronic masterpiece where the sum of thousands of parts adds up to a beautifully functioning machine, with all the safety and performance you’ve come to expect from Holden, HSV and Chevrolet.

Using genuine Holden, HSV and Chevrolet replacement parts is essential to ensuring this machine continues to perform as it was designed. Our dedication to using genuine Holden, HSV and Chevrolet parts and tools coupled with factory approved repair techniques will return your Holden, HSV and Chevrolet to like-new condition without any evidence that there was any damage at all.

Quality Control

State-of-the-art vehicles require state-of-the-art facilities and our Quality Control is no different. In fact, it’s an essential part of our repair procedures.

We have the most rigorous Quality Control process in the industry. Before you collect your vehicle, it will be completely inspected from top to bottom to ensure a perfect standard in every aspect.